A Gorgeous Shade of Green

A Gorgeous Shade of Green

  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Patrick Bateman American Psycho

    A Critical Reading of Patrick Bateman’s Morning Routine

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    Noting that most cleansers are, indeed, water activated, we’re down with his general plan here. “What I recommend is a daily regimen of cleansing, exfoliating, and then moisturizing,” says Sally Gluckstern, CEO of natural products line Refresh Byron Bay. Exfoliators…

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  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Chocolate A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    My perfect healthy day includes drinking a homemade kale smoothie for breakfast, wearing my favourite Liquido Active tights for an intense workout that involves lots of sweat, drinking lots of water, and treating myself to homemade healthy chocolate. I know…

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  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Eco Tan

    Eco Tan – the Intelligent Choice

    A tan. Controversial I know. I personally love the look of golden skin- for better or worse, it appeals to me. Of course aged, pigmented, dry and coarse skin does not generate enthusiasm, but that sunkissed glow is what I’m…

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  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Oils Aint Oils

    Oils Ain’t Oils!

    Things we use to beautify our skin generally serve the purpose of: 1, Cleansing or removing makeup, 2, Exfoliating, or increasing cell turnover rate 3, Protecting from moisture loss or from UV radiation 4, Hydrating or nourishing, 5, Enhancing with…

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  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Here And Now

    Here and Now

    Born to vegetarian parents, my childhood was idyllic, television free and pastoral, growing up on a health farm, enriched by much creative endeavor. In my imagination at least, the world was boundless and beautiful, and any magic was pure and…

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