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January 1, 2016 sally gluckstern
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Born to vegetarian parents, my childhood was idyllic, television free and pastoral, growing up on a health farm, enriched by much creative endeavor. In my imagination at least, the world was boundless and beautiful, and any magic was pure and benevolent. I believed in fairies, angels, spirits and that there was a flowing inner spring of kindness and love in everyone. I thought everything was going to be fine. This was a priceless gift from my parents. Later, of course I began to realize that there were flaws in my rosy worldview, but at least I thought I was personally immune from the scourge of evil, as I was a devout vegetarian and anti-vivisectionist. (Little did I know that I was still responsible for the exploitation of animals via the food, products and consumables in my life) I’ve learned that I can’t judge others for their hypocrisy, I can only hope to improve my own choices.

Animal welfare has always been high on our family awareness scale, and I have never eaten any meat- ever. I am 44 years old, and I never will eat meat. My relationship with eggs, milk and leather are tentative and careful, so I am not a vegan. I do however support and greatly admire those who are. I have come to realize that I cannot live a guilt free life, unless I also consider animal testing and ethical ingredients when choosing health and beauty products. Health is my lifelong goal, while practicing kindness, care and responsibility on the journey makes everything much more meaningful, and beautiful.

I have always had a fascination in beauty and skin- in faces, hair and bodies, but it is now an absolutely non negotiable condition of purchase, that beauty and household products are cruelty free and ethically sourced. I feel this can be a complicated condition to live by in today’s market, given the third party testing loopholes, umbrella company ownerships and the glib caveat “we do not test except where required by law” (as it is in China, Brazil and other countries). I want to buy a product with ingredients that are as naturally derived as possible. This way I can be confident of the potency and safety of the ingredients. Even better when it comes with multi-tasking qualities! (Maybe women can cleanse tone, moisturize and talk on the phone all at once…). It has to be a simple list of ingredients that I can trace and research. Choosing products presents me with a great deal of glorious work! Finding alternatives has actually been such a lot of fun. Truly, it is work that I am passionate about, and have never stopped doing. Especially since I now know that I don’t need to sacrifice any of my discerning aesthetic whims. In fact this journey has helped me to refine my taste, and develop a full appreciation for the process of personal style. My style choices reflects me, who I am, the person I want to be. I want to be kind, thoughtful and informed, awake and alert, and as cruelty free as I can be. I’d love to share my experiences and hear about your journey along the path less travelled as you traverse the minefield of living beautifully and well.

While studying a broad number of Arts subjects and a Masters at Sydney University, I have worked as a model and a TV presenter and as a school teacher, and I have travelled as I worked in Europe and Pacific nations. I now have twins who are nine years old, and as I approach middle age I am working hard at the gym, eating healthily and trying to stave off the inevitable demise of my youth! Interestingly, after children and with age, I find that I consider myself more attractive now than in my early years. I have worked hard to appreciate the blessings of living an authentic and healthy life. I have come to an understanding that my consumer and health choices have helped to create beauty in my life!

Be gorgeous be green,


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