Oils Ain’t Oils!

Oils Ain’t Oils!
February 1, 2016 sally gluckstern
ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Oils Aint Oils

Things we use to beautify our skin generally serve the purpose of:

1, Cleansing or removing makeup,

2, Exfoliating, or increasing cell turnover rate

3, Protecting from moisture loss or from UV radiation

4, Hydrating or nourishing,

5, Enhancing with make up or pigments.

Personally, I find products that hydrate and nourish the most satisfying to use. You just know that rubbing and massaging something unguent into your clean skin is going to protect, hydrate and nourish. It is a sensory ritual as you are experiencing the aroma and texture of the product through the motions of your hands over your skin. It should be an aromatic, potent and therapeutic product, as well as provide and oil barrier between your skin and the environment, preventing moisture loss. There is something honest and primeval about using oils on your skin and in your hair. It evokes an ancient truth known to mysterious indigenous women, who hold the secrets to the power of herbs, flowers and oils. (At least that’s the picture in my mind!) This oil ritual provides multiple benefits for skin and hair, which is always attractive in a product!

Re+Fresh Byron Bay has an incredible range of aromatic and most impressively therapeutic oils that can be used on hair as well as skin. I’m most excited by the science that states that this extract of the native Kakadu Plum, is the world’s most stable and active form of vitamin C!  The protective and powerful antioxidant, anti-aging benefits of vitamin C are well documented, but to be able to deliver natural vitamin C in the world’s most stable and active form, can only be something you need to start using immediately! This antioxidant rich extract of Kakadu Plum when blended into an oil creates an especially receptive environment, as it is effectively sealed onto the skin by the protective oil barrier, allowing maximum absorption to occur. Banksia seed extract also comes with some impressive qualifications as an antioxidant, full of omega 9. It reduces hyperpigmentation, controls sebum production and assists in wound healing.

The fragrances of these oils are also unique (have you ever heard of Jacaranda as a fragrance? Or Kangaroo Paw?) Can I just say that these are some of the most beautiful and awakening fragrances I have ever encountered. Really. And I am so proud that these are native Australian plants! Distilled and processed in Australia. These are exciting oils! I love to rake a little oil through the ends of my hair, as it is dry, coarse and unruly, and I love the way it makes my hair look! Not to mention the fragrance…

Be gorgeous, be green,


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