Native Banksia Oil Raw Salt Scrub

Native Banksia Oil Raw Salt Scrub


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A beautiful sustainable raw salt scrub. Made from Murray River pink  + raw sea SALTS..Mixed with Australian native flowers , raw oils + the very distinctive lovely aroma of Australian Kangaroo Paw Flower Fragrance + pure Australian Lemon Myrtle

FEATURES: Sustainable Salts, locally sourced ingredients, detoxifying ingredients, relaxing ingredients, exfoliation properties, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral, anti microbial properties


BENEFITS: Detoxifying properties that will revive your skin, protective properties that will keep the germs at bay, relaxing oils + aromas, sustainably sourced ingredients = guilt free relaxation, exfoliation allows for skin renewal to take place, older skin to be removed, invigorating refreshing + relaxing process…Finally the best benefit is the opportunity to sit and chalet for  awhile in a hot rejuvenating bath  – The (almost forgotten) fine art of bathing is a wonderful practice

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