A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day
18/03/2016 sally gluckstern
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My perfect healthy day includes drinking a homemade kale smoothie for breakfast, wearing my favourite Liquido Active tights for an intense workout that involves lots of sweat, drinking lots of water, and treating myself to homemade healthy chocolate. I know (and so does science), that sunshine, vigorous exercise, raw foods and bright colours keep us healthy and happy. Giving myself opportunities to be healthy and happy, creates in me the confidence to know that I’m the best that I can be, physically and mentally.

ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Green Smoothie A Perfect DayKale Smoothie

4 cups of kale, spines removed

half a cup of mint leaves

2 juiced lemons

2 cups of orange juice

Blend all ingredients on low for 30 seconds, then high for 30 seconds. Pour into tall glass and drink immediately. The fibre and the iron and antioxidants are sure to travel to all the right places thanks the insurance provided by the vitamin C and the bio availability of the lemon and orange juice. It’s a win/win combo!

This serves about three or four, but I drink the lot on my own!


Healthy Chocolate

In a saucepan gently * melt, and combine: (A low heat helps to preserve the amino acids and lipids in the raw coconut oil, nut butter and cacao powder.)

1 cup of cold pressed coconut oil

half a cup of nut butter- (cashew or almond are delicious)

1 cup of raw cacao powder

half a cup of agave syrup, honey or maple syrup

1 generous pinch of salt

Pour liquid into paper lined cake tin and freeze. When hard, cut into pieces and eat. (You won’t be able to stop.) Did you notice? No animal ingredients here, which makes this even more delicious knowing the animals are safe and well!

Liquido Active tights are made in Brazil and sweatshop free. They are so light, that you feel like you’ve got nothing on! Disconcerting it’s true, but they are so beautifully printed, that no one can miss your legs! The designs are beautiful and bright. Perfect to wear when you work up a sweat at the gym, as you can literally catch any breeze with these silky babies. The luxury starts when you put them on…

Liquido tights are available online at liquidoactive.com/au, or if you are in Brisbane, pop into the pop up store in James St, New Farm, opposite Lorna Jane. It was there I met the two newest additions to my Liquido collection, and we immediately fell in love! San Francisco crops and the Solid Colour Petrol Blue tights were always on my radar, but it was love at first sight when I touched them on the rack. The Liquido pop up store is a month long venture I’m told, which opened on the 10 the March. I’m also eyeing the Guatemala and the Desert Dweller crops. We’ll see how long they survive before I’m back to the store for more… What’s your favourite print?

Here’s where the skin beauty comes in, because after your great sweaty workout, there’s nothing more cleansing and purifying than replacing lost moisture by drinking plenty of fresh water. Then, a sunny swim, to wash off all the toxins released in your sweat, and soak up a dose of happy, feel-good sunshine.  Lastly, massage a luxurious coat of Re+fresh Byron Bay Kangaroo Paw treatment oil all over your skin, and smooth through the ends of your hair. Who wouldn’t be beautiful after that? A glorious day. A perfect day! What would you add to your perfect healthy day?

Be gorgeous, be green,


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