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  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Patrick Bateman American Psycho

    A Critical Reading of Patrick Bateman’s Morning Routine

    Noting that most cleansers are, indeed, water activated, we’re down with his general plan here. “What I recommend is a…

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  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Chocolate A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    My perfect healthy day includes drinking a homemade kale smoothie for breakfast, wearing my favourite Liquido Active tights for an…

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  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Eco Tan

    Eco Tan – the Intelligent Choice

    A tan. Controversial I know. I personally love the look of golden skin- for better or worse, it appeals to…

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  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Oils Aint Oils

    Oils Ain’t Oils!

    Things we use to beautify our skin generally serve the purpose of: 1, Cleansing or removing makeup, 2, Exfoliating, or…

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  • ReFresh Byron Bay Blog Here And Now

    Here and Now

    Born to vegetarian parents, my childhood was idyllic, television free and pastoral, growing up on a health farm, enriched by…

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